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How’s Your Self Confidence

confidence101-150x150Confidence lies on our perception of ourselves. The difference between being afraid to try and being confident in your abilities comes with our understanding and acceptance of the experiences we go through in life. Some people are just better at recognizing their abilities and achieving their goals than others.

Like being rich, we think that self-confidence is something that everyone has, except us. When in fact we were all created equal and have the power within us to achieve anything. Inequality just comes with our notions of what we already have and fail to recognize in a positive way.

To overcome a lack of confidence it’s important not to be too hard on yourself when thing don’t go as well as expected. Don’t deprive yourself from enjoying life. Take stock of yourself and refrain from making excuses as to why you can’t reach your goals. Instead change your mindset and think of all of the positive things in your life and how you achieved them.
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