Andre Ankton, Digital Marketing Strategist, is an award winning entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He enjoys working with business owners, speakers, and entrepreneurs to help them harness the power of mobile marketing. In today’s mobile society businesses must be able to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner on all mobile devices.  He partners with Innovarus Marketing which  utilizes a robust platform that allows clients to create and manage their own custom solutions.  Today’s Marketer must have a presence on all mobile devices to reach their target market.  Andre looks to Partner with you to  create a strategy that allows you to harness the power of mobile and build your brand.

Digital Marketing Strategist/Mobile Engagement

Andre  is a 20+ year I.T. Consultant/Project Manager with a diverse set of technical skills.  He has work on mobile projects with most of the major wireless carriers.  His technology based marketing background allows him to partner with clients to identify their mobile needs and create a strategic roadmap.  He has authored a  series of Mobile Marketing reports and an upcoming release of his book “Mobile Marketing – Your Passport to the Digital Age”.  Follow him in his blog Hack Digital Marketing for innovative Marketing tips and Mobile Solutions.   He shares his Mobi Tips via social media at the links below:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/MobileStrategist
Twitter: http://twitter.com/andreankton
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/andreankton
Instagram: http://instagram.com/andreankton

Named Top 100 Most Influential Black People On Digital/Social Media


Personal Note

Andre is a world traveler and enjoys exploring different parts of the world.  As humans we learn and grow by experiencing life outside of our immediate habitat.  Andre volunteers as a mentor to small business owners helping them build their brand and grow their business.   He is a life coach that enjoys mentoring others to guide them in identifying and reaching their goals.  He is a sports fan and history buff having visited some of the world’s top museums.  He is a budding  voice actor and available for projects in film, radio, and corporate sectors.


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